Friday, June 29, 2012

Baptism in Glodeni

Last week I had a great time serving with a team from England in a small village called Glodeni.  We had meetings for the children in the afternoons and evangelism services in the evenings.  I have worked with many of these kids before in another camp, so it was good to reconnect with them.  On Wednesday night, we had a church meeting to vote on two new members for the church.  This work is fairly new and small, so these two members doubled the size of the actual church membership!  It was great to hear their testimonies and see how God has worked in their lives.  On Sunday we had a baptism service for these two men.  This was in the tent and it was in a portable baptistry.  It was a great experience...very moving to experience.  My friend Zozo also shared a part of his story and how his family has been changed.  He is a teacher and has worked with many students in that village.  Many of them were there, along with their parents.  All in all, it was an amazing day.
Attila with the two new church members before the baptism

Besides reconnecting with some of the kids from previous camps, I also made a new friend.  His name is Zoltan and we became fast friends... inseparable!  He is coming to camp, along with many other from this village, later in the summer.  I'm already praying that it will be a blessed time with them.
My new friend, Zoltan

Also, some of you have heard about my "adopted son" Jeno.  Well, it was a great reunion with him.  It was also great to see him serving in the ministry.  He played the guitar for the children's meetings and also helped keep the kids focused during the meetings.  It was great to serve along-side him for the first time.  

Thanks for your prayers!  More pictures to come shortly!

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