Who We Are

We are Paul and Katie Crook, missionaries in Reghin, Romania.

We are partners with Attila and Adél Tóth, Romanian citizens of Hungarian descent, who serve seven churches in and around Reghin.  While Attila pastors these Hungarian Baptist churches, which are mostly made up of ethnic Hungarians, their main mission is to the Roma (Gypsy) communities in the area.  We are in Romania to help the Tóths however they need us!

Paul is originally from Greenville, South Carolina, but he's been based in Charleston, South Carolina for the past 16 years.  His first trip to Romania was in 1998, and after many subsequent visits in following years, he moved full-time to Romania in November 2012.  A former school teacher, he now runs an after-school program for Roma children in Apalina, a Roma community on the outskirts of Reghin.

Katie (McClung) grew up in San Antonio, Texas but most recently lived in Brooklyn, New York teaching ESL in a public school there.  Her first trip to Romania was in 2007, and after yearly visits there each summer since then, she finally joined Paul full-time in Romania in August 2014.

We're blessed to be partnering together in a work that has captured our hearts through the call of the Gospel! You can read more about what we do here.


  1. I love your blog and your mission. I wrote a comment, but "an error occurred while contacting the server." It's late. I still have a message to send Stateside. I'll try commenting another time. God bless you! ~~ Anne Boyd, serving in St. George, Jud. Covasna, RO

    1. Thank you, Anne! We are so happy to be connected with you!