Where We Are

We live in Reghin, a town of around 32,000 people, in north central Romania.  Reghin is about 30 km north of Targu-Mures in the historical region of Transylvania.  This area was a part of Hungary until the end of World War I, and there are many ethnic Hungarians still living here today.  

Reghin is in Mures County, which has the highest percentage of Roma (Gypsy) population in the country.  Because of this, our area has a very rich and diverse culture.  The main language is Romanian, although many people still speak Hungarian.   Many Roma also speak their native language, Romani.  In Reghin, about 66% of the population identify as Romanian, 26% as Hungarian, and 6% as Roma (although the numbers on Roma population are very hard to verify and many suggest the numbers are much higher). 

Our churches are in several villages around Reghin.  These villages include Apalina, Filpisu Mic, Peris, Gornesti, Glodeni, and Petrilaca.  Many of these villages are made up of even higher populations of ethnic Hungarians and Roma.

Our area is a very beautiful geographic region.  We are very close to the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains.  There are also fields and valleys where farming flourishes, cold lakes and rivers, and forests filled with many varieties of trees.  The weather in our part of Romania is very seasonal.  We have hot summers and cold winters, with everything else in between.  Here are some photos for you to enjoy!

Foothills of the Carpathian Mountains (this is our view from camp each year!)

Farming land in Gornesti

The Mures River flowing through Reghin

Apartment blocs in Reghin

Apalina in winter

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