Saturday, January 10, 2015

We're back in Romania

After an interesting week of packing and traveling, we are finally back in Romania.  First, let me take you back to last weekend.  We enjoyed some "get-away" time in North Carolina.  It was great to go somewhere together and invest some time in us.  On Saturday, we were able to meet with the leader of Teleios ministry and talk with him about the coming year.  He was a great encouragement to us as we think about what our responsibilities are to the ministry and to each other. We also had a great time with the Brown family on Saturday night.  On Sunday, we were able to meet with two church groups. It was encouraging to talk with so many people who care about us and are interested in what God is doing here.

Monday we started the monumental task of trying to pack!  During the day, I was able to meet with another church leader in Charleston. Again, what an encouragement it was to talk with someone who cares about us and our ministry here. By Tuesday night we were tired, packed, and ready to board the plane. We didn't realize that our trip would be much longer than we expected. We left Charleston on Wednesday more than two hours late causing us to miss our flight to Munich. We stayed in a hotel for the night and headed back to the airport on Thursday for our new flight. There was so much turbulence, that we weren't able to sleep at all, so we arrived in Munich having missed a night of sleep.While the flight to Romania was uneventful, we arrived there to find out that two of our bags were missing. When we got back to Reghin, I spent most of the evening trying to track down our lost luggage without any luck. We finally got a call this afternoon that our bags had arrived and were on the way to Reghin. Thank you Lord!

This may sound like a lot of stress and wasted time (and I'll admit, we were exhausted at the end of it all), but I am so thankful for all the love and support that we felt while traveling. We are also thankful for the extra night of sleep that we got in Washington. Even our delayed bags gave us more time to unpack the bags that did arrive. God is good to us in all situations!

I want to share one more thing before I sign off for tonight. One of the things that Katie and I learned during our time in the States is how important and precious to us your support is. I'm not talking about financial support (although we are thankful for that and could not be here without it). What I'm talking about is the knowledge that people are out there (and all over the world, too) praying for us and standing with us in our work here. We felt this many times during our visits in churches and with friends. That kind of support keeps us going. Thank you to those of you who went out of your way to speak to us and make us feel loved! When you think about it, send us an e-mail. Even if it's very short, it means a lot!


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