Monday, December 8, 2014

Home for the Holidays

Dear friends, thank you so much for your prayers for our safe travel over the last few weeks.  We've been through Hungary, Austria, Germany, New York, Charleston, and Washington, D.C. in just over a week!  It feels great to be back home now with family in the States.  While there's still so much to be done to prepare for the holidays, there's nothing like sharing meals with dear friends and family to get us into the Christmas spirit!

This weekend, we were blessed to have the opportunity to spend the weekend with our friends in Leesburg, Virginia.  Leesburg Community Church (LCC) is one of our sponsoring churches, and they've sent many teams to Romania to be a part of our ministry over the past several years. We stayed with the lovely Bill and Joyce and enjoyed dinner and lunch with friends we made from the Romania mission teams!  Pastor Alan invited Paul to share about our work in each of the three morning services, and we soaked up the love and encouragement from SO MANY sweet members of the church.  It was really meaningful to us to hear from so many people that they are praying for us, that they love reading our blog (!), and that they are encouraged by what God is doing in our lives and in the lives of those we work with.  THANK YOU, LCC, for welcoming us so well and for being such a big part of our lives!

Paul speaking in the contemporary service at LCC

Paul and I will head to Texas on Wednesday for the next two weeks.  We're excited to visit with our family and our supporters there.  Then, we'll head back to Charleston for Christmas and more family time here!  We're a little ready to be off airplanes for a while, but we truly feel so blessed to be able to have this time in the United States.  We hope we will get to connect with many of you while we're here!


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