Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Winter Bible Training Course

Bible training graduation

On Monday, April 21st, we had a special graduation service for those that completed our Bible training course. This course met every other Saturday starting in December. In these training sessions, the course was divided into three parts: Biblical knowledge and history, the spiritual life, and serving as a believer and member of a local church.  In the Biblical knowledge portion, there was a general overview of the history of the Bible, and then the course was broken down into the different time periods.  We finished this year with studying than people of Israel in the wilderness after slavery in Egypt.  In the spiritual life part of the course, we studied why it's important to have a quiet time, to pray, to meet together with other believers, and how to study the Bible in general.  In our study of serving in the church, we discussed what it means to give a testimony, how and why this should be done, how we should prepare ourselves for service, and other topics related to serving in the church.  At the end of the course, we had an exam covering the material.  We were so excited to give out 47 diplomas at our service.  Our plan right now is to continue this course next winter.  Please pray for those who completed the course and are now starting to take on new leadership roles in our churches.  

- Paul

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