Monday, May 5, 2014

Friday store...on Monday!

Last week we had our Friday shopping in the after school program on Monday.  Why? Well that's because we had our end of the month attendance celebration on Friday. In March and April I challenged the kids by offering a special trip to those who didn't miss school even once.  This was a harder goal to achieve, but we still had 13 boys that were able to make the trip. We went to Targu Mures, the biggest city in our county and had a cook-out in the park. The kids loved playing ping-pong and playing on the play ground there. We had mici (which is really hard to describe, but is somewhere between sausage and hamburger) and soft drinks for our lunch. Then, on Monday, we had our weekly store, where the kids can spend tickets they earn during the week. The kids never let me get away with missing a week of our store. In this new week, our focus is on respect. We are teaching the kids what it means to respect the building, the teachers and other adults, and each other. 

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