Wednesday, April 23, 2014

After School Alternate School

Here in Romania, the week before spring break is called alternate school week.  During that week, the students don't have regular classes.  Instead, they have cultural presentations, visits by special guests from the community, and other activities that normally wouldn't fit into a "regular" school day/week.  In our after school program, we decided to also have an alternate school week.  Each day we had something different going on.

Monday: We worked on team work skills by having several team building games.

Tuesday: The girls baked a cake along with Cristina and Annamaria.  The boys played soccer outside and then enjoyed some cake! :)  We also had a mini ping-pong tournament.

Wednesday: We had a cook out and spent time outside talking and playing.

Thursday: We dyed eggs for Easter.  They have some really cool dyes here...we had some there were gold and other that were metallic

Friday: We had a BIG cleaning day!

I also got to speak at two other schools during this week.  In one school, they asked me to speak about what schools are like in America.  The other school asked me to talk about what I'm doing here in Romania and how things work in Apalina.

Saint George school where I spoke about what I'm doing here in Romania
If there wasn't so much pressure to get everything done for testing, I think this alternate school week would be a wonderful idea in the States, too.  The kids are already excited because the weather is nice and the want to be outside.  Add to that a week long break and the kids can hardly concentrate.  But with this alternate school, it was much easier and there were some really great programs at the school, too.
Our girls made delicious cakes!
Grill Day!

We had to eat inside on grill day because the rain came just as we were finishing the grilling.

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