Saturday, June 20, 2015

We're back!

We're finally back after a long absence!  Sorry to have kept you waiting! :)

Mid-May, Paul and I traveled back to the States for a few weeks to meet with our organization and to get some rest and support so we can keep doing what we love in Romania!  We were so thankful for this time of retreat and re-focusing on our relationship and on our calling.  Praise God, He supplied all that we needed and more!  And we're back in Romania now, happy for the chance to keep sharing our lives with you.

School's out for summer!  Friday, June 19th was the last day of public schools here in Romania, and it was also the last day for our after-school program in Apalina!  Paul's already got lots of plans, ideas and dreams for next year, and we're both excited to see those plans take shape!  Hint: he won't be the one cooking anymore!!  English classes are also on vacation until September, when we'll be growing and expanding our English ministry, Lord willing.  There are lots of exciting changes ahead!

This week, Paul and I will be heading to the Czech Republic to attend a retreat for other missionaries in central Europe!  We're really excited for this chance to meet other American and European missionaries and to get to spend some time together relaxing and learning from each other.  Please pray that we will have a safe drive there and back!

Before we leave, we've got lots of things to do to get ready for camp!  When we return from the Czech retreat, we'll have one more week in Reghin before three weeks on the road at camps for children and youth.  Our one-year wedding anniversary is coming up on July 12th, and we're so happy that we'll be celebrating our anniversary at the camp where we met and got to know each other back in 2011!  We're looking forward to lots of fun new memories this summer with each other, with our friends and ministry partners here in Romania, and with our American and British partners who will visit this summer.

Before I go, here's a panoramic photo of Reghin, our home.  The photo was taken on the balcony of our friends' apartment!  What a view, huh?  We love this city and the people in it, and we're so blessed and thankful to be a part of what God is doing here.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers, support and encouragement.


P.S. We're planning to send out our Spring newsletter this week, so if you're not already on our mailing list, shoot us a quick email (RomaniaCrooks [at] Gmail [dot] com) to get yourself added!

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