Saturday, April 18, 2015

Parenting and Pantries

We've had a great week of ministry here!  Paul's parents, along with two friends, Kathy and Wanda, have been here serving us all week, and we're so thankful!

Paul's mom, Cindy, works at the Lowcountry Pregnancy Center in Charleston, SC, and she heads up the education program there.  She teaches parenting classes for new moms, and this week she shared her expertise with the women of our churches!  She taught engaging, thought-provoking and practical classes in Gornesti, Reghin, Apalina and Glodeni!  She was also gracious to answer any and all questions that were thrown her way!  We're thankful for her godly wisdom and loving perspective.  Thanks, Cindy!

Teaching in Gornesti

Teaching in Apalina

Wanda and Kathy are two more women with a heart for women's ministry, and they have unique perspectives on issues many women face.  They also taught sessions in four churches this week about anger, bitterness, God's forgiveness and forgiving ourselves.  They also spoke into the hearts of post-abortive women and women who have suffered the pain of miscarriage.  Thank you both for your love and service this week!

Cindy, Kathy and Wanda

While the women have been busy with meetings and prayer times, Paul's dad, Joe, has been hard at work on construction projects in Apalina and in our apartment, too!  At the church in Apalina, he built a small closet and helped to enclose an open staircase with safety railings.  In our apartment, he redesigned our "garage" and "pantry" storage spaces with custom shelving!  We are so lucky!  (We call the small closet near our front door the "garage" because that's where we put all the "garage"-y stuff like tools, brooms, suitcases, the Christmas tree, etc.)

"Garage" BEFORE

"Garage" AFTER!  (Can't even fit all the organization in one photo!)



Pantry AFTER (New shelves along the wall!  And look at all the cake mixes and peanut butter our guests brought for us!!!!)

Pantry AFTER (I still need to work on rearranging the pre-existing shelves!  But I couldn't wait to show off my father-in-law's handiwork!)

We've shared so many fun meals and new memories during our time together this week!  Next week, school is back in session and so are all of our other responsibilities!  I'm looking forward to a mid-year review of the children's ministry curriculum, some spring cleaning in our ministry storage spaces, dinner guests, and beginning our May e-newsletter!  We've also got some summer camps to plan!  Thanks for your prayers, and thanks for following along!


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  1. Thank you for sharing some details about this past week with your parents & friends! We're praying for their safe travel back tomorrow & very blessed to have your blog to read! Thank you 🙌 -The Fishers ł