Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reading and Writing in Apalina

We are excited to report that we have started reading and writing classes for adults in Apalina! These classes have been a need for a long time. Since so many young people drop out of school very early, a high percentage of adults in Apalina are illiterate.  However, as the church grows and the new members desire to mature in their faith, they feel a particularly strong need to be able to read the Bible for themselves.  Reading and writing are also necessary skills for these people to be able to live and thrive independently of outside help.  For these reasons and many others, we have hoped for a long time to be able to find the time and resources to be able to offer reading and writing classes.

Our friend Lucian from Reghin, a Romanian pastor and elementary school teacher, is now coming to Apalina on Mondays and Thursdays to work with about 20 adult students.  They bring great enthusiasm to the task, and we're hopeful that soon these students will see the fruit of their labor.  I admire them for being so determined to learn to read, no matter how late in life they may be.  Please pray that the students will stay encouraged about their work, that Lucian will have wisdom in using the best methods for learning, and that our community and church will be blessed by all of their efforts!


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