Saturday, November 15, 2014

Urgent Prayer Requests

Thank you to all of you who join us faithfully in prayer.  This morning we want to share two more prayer requests that are of a more urgent nature.

We own a home in North Charleston, SC.  Until this past October 31, we had a family renting the property.  They moved out at the end of their lease, and now the house is on the rental market again.  We have had to make several repairs on the home, and we are currently deciding about replacing some of the damaged flooring.  As you might imagine, that's difficult to do from 5000 miles away.  Paul's parents are also in North Charleston and they have been a big help to us with the home. We are praying each day for new tenants, and this week we heard there was an application on its way.  However, that application seems to have fallen through the cracks somewhere.  We are trusting God but also struggling with stress and anxiety.    Please join us in praying for this home, that we will find new tenants soon and that the repair process will continue smoothly.

Second, we have been working for months on securing Katie's Romanian residency permit.  However, we are now "down to the wire."  She is allowed to stay in Romania for 90 days without a permit.  She has been in Romania for 79, and we are still waiting on a letter from the government that verifies that she is eligible for a Religious Activities permit.  We cannot submit an application for a permit without this letter.  We are praying and making plans for us to possibly leave Romania sometime this week for a few days (crossing the border into Hungary and staying with friends there).  We have another 4-day trip planned out of the country around Thanksgiving, and we will leave for the States on December 3, but that's 18 days away and she only has 11 legal days left.  This is another area of anxiety for us as we have many things to do here in Reghin before leaving for the holidays.  Please pray with us that the letter will arrive on Monday and that the following application will be accepted quickly.  Please pray for kindness from all of the immigration officials we will be contacting in the coming days.

It's such an encouragement to know you are praying for us.  Thank you for partnering with us in this way.  We will keep you posted on further developments.

Paul and Katie

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