Saturday, October 11, 2014

Autumn in Reghin

Hi everyone!  It's Katie this week!  Thanks for popping in for an update!

We have had the most beautiful fall weather here in the past week - warm afternoons in the 70s and chilly nights in the 40s!  We're remembering not to take this weather for granted; in a few months, we'll be thankful for memories of this sunshine!  And for those of you who have picked up on the apple trend... they're still coming!  This week, I made pork chops with apples, apple pie, chicken salad with apples, and applesauce.  Tomorrow's lunch dessert: apple pastries!  Paul doesn't seem to be sick of the apples yet!  And I love having fresh fruit in the house!

I snapped this photo of an idyllic day outside our balcony

Paul did some "yard work" for us this week!  Pansies and mums are brightening up the balcony!

My very first ever apple pie!

We're still adjusting our regular schedule to be something that's realistic in terms of time together as well as getting all of our work done.  Last week, I started accompanying Paul to after-school a few days each week!  It's been so fun to help him cook for the kids and then to clean up and help with all those dishes; that frees him up to be able to do some other tasks that he has not had time to do in since the surge of new after-school attendees.  I love the interaction with the kids - not just because they are dear to me, but also because it's helpful language practice!  Children's meetings are also a great time for language practice, although this week's meeting in Apalina was a little bit more like an exercise in crowd control!  We had over 50 children this week!!  That's more than 30 more than our average for this year so far.  Paul did a great job teaching the children about Day 4 of Creation - when God created the sun, moon, and stars - and we made suns and moons from gold and silver mirror paper.  Paul also began working on memory verses with the kids, and we were able to provide a snack for them this week.  We had a great time, but boy was it crazy at times!!

Paul teaching the children in the sanctuary of the church - look how many kids!  This order and attention didn't last long, but they started off great! :)

Mid-mirror paper craft - lots of motion in this one :)

Our Creation Mural is coming along!

I think it was last week that I said to Paul - without thinking too much - that "I'm not scared of a lot of things I used to be scared of when we first got here!" and since then, I've been thinking more about that fact and feeling encouraged by it.  There are still plenty of things I can't do quite yet, and still others that I'm growing in day by day, but I can be very thankful for a couple of things!  First, I am not afraid to light our oven and stove by myself!  I used to call Paul into the kitchen whenever I was ready to turn on a burner or the oven (our stove is gas and it must be lit with a match each time), but now without too much fear of burning the whole building down, I light it myself!

And second, I am not too terrified of our car now!  Paul mentioned that we had a "turning point" driving lesson last week.  Since then, I have driven some every day.  I am still 10000% horrified at the thought of driving within a square mile of any hill of any size, but I am feeling more and more confident each time I take the wheel.  Tonight I drove through the downtown of our nearby 'big city,' Targu-Mures, and all the way home - in the dark!  It was stressful, but we made it back safely.  I'm so thankful for Paul's patience and for his skill in teaching me to drive the dreaded stick shift automobile.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry here.  We feel so privileged to be working among the people we love so much, and even the long, hard days feel worth it to be in partnership with God and with you to bring the Gospel to our little part of Romania.  We love sending these updates, and we hope you enjoy reading them as well.  Pray for us as we pray for you.


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