Thursday, August 7, 2014

Update from Teleios Camp

Thank you for your prayers about Teleios camp this week!  The team made it successfully through their first session and have just begun their second.  We wanted to share some photos with you of the Apalina children enjoying camp and learning lots!

Attila and some of the children from Apalina

Here are many of the children gathered in the main room for their morning meeting - anxious to recite the memory verse perhaps!

The big soccer match between the Apalina boys and boys from the local village (final score: 6-4 Apalina!)

Here is Bonnie teaching a Bible lesson in the morning with Adel translating

Each morning the children respond creatively to the Bible story.  They draw or paint a way the story and lesson connect to their lives.  At night, the children can share their creations with the whole camp!

Relay time!

Floyd is doing a great job leading the recreation, as always!

For more pictures and stories from camp, you can visit the Teleios blog here.

Please keep praying for our team in their second session of camp.  Pray for health, strength and safety as well as an extra measure of God's presence among them!

- Katie

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